Pomp and Circumstance


My mom finished up her trip to Massachusetts with a road trip to New Jersey.  We headed to New Jersey for my sister’s graduation; she finished her Master’s degree in Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University.

Cecilia's graduation ceremony

Cecilia's graduation ceremony

This was my first Master’s degree ceremony (I did not attend my own — I finished in December and they didn’t have a ceremony until May, which I didn’t go to).  I thought it was particularly enjoyable and poignant, and the main focus of the ceremony was really timely — each speaker discussed the importance of leaving one’s comfort zone and trying new things, especially where jobs are concerned, in these trying economic times.  I give my sister a lot of credit for getting her feet wet in the “real” workforce right now.  I have no doubt that she’ll be completely fine, and that she’ll find something that makes her happy and that she’s good at.

Having my mom here was phenomenal.  She fixed up our yard beautifully.  I will happily post before and after pictures soon, but Marc and I have curb appeal.  We also have CURTAINS, which we never had before in this house.  The curtains give the rooms height, not to mention privacy.  They also bring the room together, which helps a lot.  My mom worked really hard to make our house a home, and to give it extra character.  Marc and I are SO grateful that she was here.  We just have to do our best to keep it as neat and tidy.

Job also loved having my mom (his “Bu”) here.  She spoiled him and let him sleep in the guest bed.  He did really well with her, and was with her every single day.  He liked the personal attention, and he liked being outside all the time.  I think, now that our yard is a much nicer place to hang, he will be hanging outside on the stake a lot more often.  Lucky dog!

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