Wheeeeee (wiiiiiii)


Marc and I got a Wii/Wii Fit today!  I was skeptical at first, mostly because I am not at all coordinated, and I always am a little skeptical of certain technologies (especially video game ones, because we grew up in a video-game-free house).  Anyway, Cecilia has one and has raved about it, and Marc and I figured it was a good way to be honest about working out.  So we got one.


I LOVE IT!  I mean, I’m way into Wii tennis, probably more than I thought I would be.  That’s not saying, of course, that I am any good at it.  But I will get better.  As far as the Wii Fit goes, I like it a lot.  I am (surprisingly) pretty good at the short distance running and the yoga.  I am TERRIBLE at the step/rhythm thing, and ALSO at the balance, but at least I’m trying.  It’s a lot easier to work out in wee bursts.

And what about Marc, you ask?  He’s doing well.  He (of course) loves the Wii tennis and the bowling, and he’s pretty great at the aerobics.  He doesn’t love the running, but he runs FAST.

And Job?  He hasn’t had his own chance on the Wii (don’t worry, he won’t).  But when Marc and I play, he goes in his crate and looks at us like we’re crazy.  We half expected him to jump on us while we were doing the two person run, but he stayed put.

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