Happiest Bride, Luckiest Groom

Nickys wedding

Nicky's wedding

My family had the great fortune of being invited to witness Nicky and Brett’s wedding.  Nicky and I have been friends since the first grade, and I was so glad that Marc and I were able to share this big day with her.  As I mentioned, she has been struck with major tragedy, losing both of her parents within the two weeks before her wedding.  However, she was able to be her usual radiant self, and enjoy the memory of her parents along with the excitement of what is coming ahead.  The wedding was held at the Lakefront Brewery, right on the Milwaukee River.  It was a chilly, chillllllly day, and they held the ceremony indoors.  The building was really nice — light colored, Cream City brick (an exposed brick interior), with a huge room for the nearly 200 guests.

Nicky and me

Nicky and me

Nicky had a ton of people at the wedding, including familiar faces from our high school and college years.  It was quite a reunion from my grade school years, with four other people at the wedding from St. Alexander.  The crowd was lively and fun, as was the wedding itself.  We danced, drank, partied and enjoyed the delicious food and cake!  They had a fun slide show (I was prominently featured in three or four of the photos in all of my awkward adolescent splendor!), and Nicky displayed photos of her parents, which I thought was really very brave.

The Willoughbys

The Willoughbys

Nicky was seriously one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen.  Her dress was absolutely perfect for her, and her hair was stunning.  My mom kept saying that she looked like a Gibson Girl, which I totally agree with!  Brett had a grin on his face from ear to ear, and I think it was totally well deserved.  At one point, my friend Carrie leaned over to me and said, “It’s Nicky and Brett.  They’re the perfect couple.  If anyone should be getting married, it’s them.  They’ll last forever.”  I completely agree.  Despite it all, I know she was an extraordinarily happy bride, and because of that, Brett is one lucky groom!

As for the rest of our visit, we had a great time.  My mom hosted a barbecue on Memorial Day, where my Asian Chicken Burgers (fast becoming my specialty….) were the star.  It was good to spend time with my grandparents, who are as cute as ever.  Tuesday, we visited Cardinal Stritch and surprised Mark Quistorf.  I also got a Cardinal Stritch t-shirt for Madisyn, in the hopes that one day she might go there.  🙂

We also visited some new babies.  My friend LaToya from high school had a baby on March 31, Jeremiah Andrew, and my best friend Jasmine had a baby on April 11, Madelyn Maureen.  Both babies are really sweet and cute, and SO well-behaved.  Maddy is just a peanut compared to Jeremiah, but both of them were sweet and snuggly.

I also finished two books this weekend, which I will hopefully have a chance to review this weekend!  More to come!



Marc and Maddy

Marc and Maddy

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