Getting pants-ed


As of Saturday, I have officially lost 33 lbs.  Yay, go me!  It’s very VERY exciting and I feel really great.  That is, all except one part of me — the area between my waist and my ankles looks fine when I’m in a skirt, but when I’m in pants, I’m not looking so hot.

I’m in a very weird in-between stage in my size and in my pants.  In the past, I had a big ol’ booty and that usually filled my pants out just fine, without any sagging or bagging.  Presently, though everything south of my waistline is smaller, I’m having a hard time finding pants that look NICE.  In some pants, the waist fits fine, but the hips and crotch are SO saggy, making my lady parts look not-so-ladylike.  In other pants, everything looks ok in the hips/crotch/thigh region, but if I want to have it fit in the waist, I have to jack my pants up SO high that I look like I’m ready to pick up my children from soccer practice, in a minivan full of juice boxes and carrot sticks.  And if THAT weren’t bad enough, my jeans, my lone holdout in my clothing wardrobe, are now starting to turn against me, too.  Throughout the course of the day, the booty of my pants get saggier and saggier, thus dragging the waistbad down, then the crotch down (until I have that saggy vajay-jay thing going on), and finally making my jeans drag on the ground.  Yes, that’s a sexy look. I’ve tried my best to mask it by wearing long shirts, but hell, I’ve lost 33 lbs., I don’t want to cover up my new cute(r) figure!

I bought a couple of pairs of shorts when I was in Wisconsin, and they’re ok, but I really do not know my size and body-in-clothes as well as I used to.  I think that this summer is truly going to be the summer of the skirt.  In college, I used to wear skirts (at least during the workday) almost exclusively, because I never liked the way my butt looked in pants.  Now, I think I need to do skirts because, at the very least, there’s a nice line, no saggy crotch or dragging hemlines and I’ll always look dressed up for the occasion.

Thanks for the vent, my Internet readers — I know it seems fairly superficial, but I surely need to shake the feeling of always feeling a little dumpy and icky!  😦  If you have any tips (besides “get new clothes”), I’d be happy to hear!

3 Responses to “Getting pants-ed”

  1. 1 Marc

    I’m all for skirts.

  2. 2 fabulous in brooklyn

    I just want to pull something very positive out of this blog entry: you’ve lost thirty-three pounds! [insert celebration here] That’s like 7.3 gallons of milk! Or 132 sticks of butter! Or roughly 3 medium-weight bowling balls!

    Now, I can’t say that I get too excited about face creams or pants or skirts or how they look. I never have (I really tried to be fashionable, I really did). I can’t comment on that or give advice…. As for your improved health and adding years to your life, that’s what I call fabulous.

    • I definitely am jazzed. I also purged my whole closet today and I totally got rid of everything that doesn’t fit. So that sort of makes me feel better about life, too. Get rid of everything that isn’t fabulous.

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