I get excited about dumb things…


I am really easily amused.  I absolutely get excited about most things that people wouldn’t even think about, but because I am who I am, I get jazzed just thinking about certain things.  Right now, I’m pretty jazzed about the following:

1.  Marc and I are going to Ten Tables tonight in Cambridge.  We got a gift certificate for TT from our realtor OVER a year ago, but we’re finally using it now.  I’m SO pumped.  I have been looking at their website for about a week.  The menu changes pretty frequently, so I’ve been online menu stalking to see if anything has changed.  Eeeee!  I am so excited!

2.  I ran out of my old face moisturizer, which I REALLY REALLY loved.  But, even when I really really love something, there comes a time where I want to try something new.  I went to Walgreens this afternoon and I checked out a few different moisturizers, to see what I might like.  I am a pretty big fan of Burt’s Bees face care, so I decided to try the Burt’s Bees Radiance Day Creme.  I opened the container after I got home and I wasn’t wild about the fragrance, but I am really excited to give it a whirl.  If not, I might go back to ol’ Kiehls, but in the meantime, I’m very jazzed.

3.  While at Walgreens, I also picked up some new mascara.  It’s Maybelline’s XXL Curl Power Mascara, which is VERY exciting, because though I curl my eyelashes, I never feel like the curl stays. I’ll let you know when it’s all over with.

4.  We’re having a semi-relaxing weekend.  I do have to work but we actually talked about having a day together on Sunday, and maybe going for a little drive.  I have no idea where we’d actually go, but I keep coming up with fun destinations.  (Rockport, Salem, Newburyport, Duxbury, Nahant, etc.)  I love the idea of spontaneity — it rarely happens with the two of us because we always have something going on.

2 Responses to “I get excited about dumb things…”

  1. 1 Dylan

    Did you enjoy Ten Tables? I always want to go there but then when I look at the JP menu I am less than enthused. It seems to have really high end food which I’m just not sure I’d like.

  2. I REALLY liked it. I had the pasta, which seemed like it could be high-end, but it really wasn’t. It was more like delicious, slightly upscale comfort food.

    Though I know the menus are different at each place. You can read about what we ate on our other blog: http://saucyandbossy.wordpress.com.

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