I purged about 40% of my closet today, getting rid of all the stuff that feels icky and big on me.  I realize that this doesn’t leave me with a ton of clothes, but it gets the stuff that is too big actually OUT of my sight.  I know that sounds dumb, but with the big clothes around, I was more reminded of when I was heavier, and judged my growth solely on my clothes and not on my state of mind.

Marc also got rid of a TON of stuff, because he’s lost even more weight.  Thankfully, he got rid of a couple of shirts that I just do not like, but is sadly left with very few t-shirts.  I think that when we have a few extra bucks lying around, we’ll visit Old Navy and get some replacements.  I’m also planning on visiting Threadless, and getting him a few new shirts for his birthday.  According to Marc, he hasn’t been this size since he was in high school.  Whoa.  Amaaaazing!

Don’t forget to visit our food blog, Saucy and Bossy, to see what’s going on in the kitchen these days!

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