Rain, rain, go away!


I generally like the coziness that rain and snow provide.  I don’t mind gray skies and I always like cool temperatures.  But I’ve had enough!  This has been an exceptionally rainy June, and it’s already starting to be a July with HEAVY rain.  Marc got stuck in Virginia overnight unexpectedly, after chaos at Logan deterred his plane.  In that time, Job and I curled up for bed, and I found out that he is (probably not surprisingly) terrified of thunder and thunderstorms.  And we had several.  One at 4 a.m., one at 6 a.m., one and 8 a.m.  And he was trembling the whole time.



Miraculously, Marc got home just as the weather started to clear, but when he got out of his cab, the rain started up again, and seemed to be coming down even harder than before.  It sounded like a faucet had turned on — on our gutter.  I had to take pictures to send to my mom, because I’m pretty sure that she wouldn’t believe the severity of the rain.

Marc’s here though, and we took a 4 hour nap together (with Job, of course).  Tomorrow, we’re visiting Elise’s new baby girl, Celia Faye, and we’re going to visit Mazemakers for a little bit.  Hopefully the rain holds off for a little while, because I am seriously seriously just sick of it!

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