Marc and I don’t get to take vacations terribly often — we usually find ourselves traveling to see our families or taking days off to do various household tasks.  It’s rare for us to get away (for more than just a weekend…) for the thrill and relaxation of it all.  This year, we were invited to join Marc’s grandparents, his aunt and uncle and his cousins (and their babies/significant others/guests) in Damariscotta Mills, Maine, where they visit every year.  The house that they rent is right on Damariscotta Lake, and everyone just kicks back in the most serious of fashions.

Rental hous

Rental hous

I don’t think I have EVER been on a vacation in my entire life, where the main object of the trip was nothing but pure relaxation and pleasure.  There were absolutely no expectations coming from any direction, except that everyone was required to have a great time.  Some people fished (I did not, as I have boat-a-phobia…), some people played cards, other people read.  I played in the water pretty much 50% of my waking time, as I haven’t really had the chance to swim at ALL this year, because of the cold and rainy weather.  Most people were into hanging out, which was great, but also respected the need for quiet time.  It was the perfect set-up.  Everything was relaxing and great, and I left feeling totally relaxed and really happy. (Though I did miss my own bed and my lil’ doggie!)

Marc and Jason, splitting a lobster

Marc and Jason, splitting a lobster

We also had a lobster dinner … my first.  I have had lobster in pasta once, but never the “full experience” of the lobster, boiled whole and in the shell.  I have to admit that I was completely intimidated by the whole thing (yes, I psyched myself out….I admit it — but the lobsters they got were at least 3 pounds a piece!), and so Seth offered to split a lobster with me, and do all the work.  I totally took him up on it, and had JUST enough lobster to get the experience.  Marc, on the other hand, is in LOVE with lobster, and happily took one down and and split another with his stepbrother, Jason.  The two of them were pretty much professionals at it, and stayed at the table and gobbled up their lobsters with the greatest of ease.  It was easily the best part of Marc’s vacation, and though it wasn’t necessarily MY favorite part, seeing his great job in demolishing the lobster amused me.

And now, we’ve returned to Arlington in the HOTTEST part of the summer.  We are currently suffocating in our house, and I’m contemplating a really cold shower … though I wish I was jumping into the lake right now, instead!

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