Project Runway’s BACK


I can’t believe how long it’s been since Project Runway has been in my life — too long!  I already filled in my work pals with comments and observations about last night’s THREE HOURS of the show.  We had a lot to say, but it’s hard to wrap it up into one little blog post.  I’ll share the highlights with you, and you can feel free to add your own commentary…if you have some.

Network Switch

First of all, let me say that I am SO thankful that Lifetime has not made Project Runway any softer or mushier than it needs to be. There’s still the hard edge, there’s still the banging drum elimination music, and the network switch didn’t trademark any of Tim’s catchphrases.  It’s all still there, and it’s great.

All-Star Challenge

a. Chris March has, I think, sleep apnea. He’s got some issues with the spontaneous slumber, and I’m not sure if he just requires more rest because he’s older than everyone else, or what. But yikes! Ironically, my own father (who resembles Chris March in many ways) has sleep apnea. Whoa.  Either way, he pulled out some fantastic looks, so he couldn’t have been asleep on the job the WHOLE time.  Just during big stuff — like the model casting.

b. Uli has developed QUITE a mean streak. I didn’t expect her to come back and be so vicious to Sweet P who I so dearly love.  She has come a long way as a designer, but I’m pretty sure that I dislike her.  The cattiness was out of control.

c. I never watched the first season of PR, but I’m not sure I’m going to, after seeing Santino’s antics. I have been told, by a reliable source or two, that he wasn’t that bad, but yikes. I do like his Tim Gunn impression, though.

The mustache that launched a thousand barfs

The mustache that launched a thousand barfs

d. Jeffrey’s Fu Manchu mustache has GOT to go. He looks like he’s been living under a rock for the past couple of years, but apparently, he’s in a band? What?

Season Starter

Regarding the actual episode … I don’t always like the first few episodes, because it’s hard to keep track of who is who. BUT, since I took notes, I think I will have some decent observations:

a. Though I love Christopher Straube and I thought his dress was INCREDIBLE, I just need to point out about his “poor me” attitude. WHO doesn’t know what smocking is? I know what smocking is, and I think I have since I was like 4 and had a Polly Flinders dress.

b. Qristyl? Really? Awful name. Awful dress. Sorry girl, you know it’s true. And Lindsay Lohan was SO mad when she found out that Qristyl made it with her in mind.  Her look could have knocked the dress right off the model.

c. I’m not sure how I feel about PR being in LA, but I’m glad there’s still Mood.  “Thank you, Mood!

d. I got goosebumps (both times) when Michael Kors was introduced. I love him.  He’s still as orange as together, but he had some excellent one-liners yesterday, like calling Ari’s “runway fashion” a soccer disco ball.  He also has an incredible chemistry with Diane Von Furstenburg, the guest judge on the all-star challenge.  They’re the BFFs of the fashion world.  (At least in my head)

e. I like Epperson and I think that he’s gonna go far – I hope, anyway.   Dr. Thorpe, my mom’s boss, said that his dressed looked like a “wolf on the hunt,” but I thought it was well constructed, and an excellent first effort.

f. I also REALLY loved the red number (I’ve been trying to find pictures online, but there are none at this time).  Heidi REALLY loved that dress and totally wanted one for herself — it could accommodate her fourth pregnancy pretty well, too.  I only hope the designer doesn’t cry in every episode.  We do not need another Ricky on our hands.

g. Lindsay Lohan looks TERRIBLE. Drugs and rehab have aged her permanently, obviously.

h. I liked the retro chick’s 2 tone dress. I expect good things from her and I hope she’s not Kenley-ish.

i. And last, but not least, I’m REALLY glad that Ari is gone (even after the first episode).  I have to give her props, though, because she did not do the typical reality show departure.  I always thought it is/was annoying when contestants CRY so hard when they’re the first ones to get kicked off. Wait, let me take that back, I don’t care if they CRY, but I do care if they talk about how many nice people they’ve met and how we won’t hear the last of them. We always hear the last of them – and the people they work with kind of make fun of them the whole time.

Until next time…

One Response to “Project Runway’s BACK”

  1. 1 Jordan Bentley

    Having just watched last night’s episode, I have to say that this season is AMAZING! I forgot how much I loved the show and watching it on TiVo makes it even better. I don’t have a fav designer yet but I felt that the judges have made the right decisions with the designers that have been eliminated. My only complaint: where is American fashion designer Michael Kors?!

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