Reading Challenges for 2012


SO, I have disappeared off of the face of the blogging universe, both on this blog and on my other blog, Saucy and Bossy.  Marc and I have been SO busy, and this year just literally ZOOMED by.

One of my new year’s resolutions, though, is to be a better reader.  I work better with goals, even reading ones, and I have always been impressed with other people’s reading challenges.  I don’t want to get TOO specific with my reading or my challenges, but I want to do SOMETHING … and also chisel away at my to-be-read pile at the same time.  Because of that, I’ve decided to take the Off the Shelf challenge in 2012.  This challenge has various levels of involvement, and for myself, I think that it would be best to not go super crazy right away (especially because I think I have a book-buying addiction, yikes…), so I will be trying level two, wherein I will read 15 books off of my TBR pile, either on my Kindle or with paper books.  I will be writing reviews, short or long, for the books in this challenge, and therefore will also be blogging more often!  Win-win all around.

Wish me luck!  Can’t wait to get this underway.

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