I’m Elysabeth.  brunette21

I’m 27.  I moved from Milwaukee, WI to Boston, MA in 2005 to get my Masters’ degree in Gender/Cultural studies.  This did not prove to be a lucrative decision.  While studying away in my first semester, I met a delightful young man (Marc) who just happened to sweep me off my feet.By the time I finished my degree, I was engaged.  I thought my life until that point had been an adventure, but little did I know it was only starting.

Since then, I’ve gotten married, gotten a job (which I have a love-hate relationship with), purchased a condo, and become a dog mother. Through all that busy-ness, I’m still way in love with my husband and I’m so grateful that he’s in love with me.

Enough about the mushy stuff.

I blog because I once had great aspirations to be a writer.  Somehow, I forgot about that, and so I write to try to get more practice.  I blog because I read a LOT and I like to write about what I read and tell people about what I read (as long as it’s not too embarrassing).  I blog because I like to cook — I’m not as good at it as Marc is — and I like to take pictures of what we eat and cook.  I blog because I sometimes can’t even believe my own life, and so I keep a record of the things I see.

This is probably no more extraordinary than anyone else, but it entertains me and hopefully will entertain you.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. 2 emily

    i love you! this is an extremely cute and i like the mushy stuff. i never heard much about how you and marc met so i want to know more! when georgia’s in town, we will do a brunch at some delicious restaurant. huzzah : )

  3. 3 foododelmundo

    So nice to meet you Elysabeth! I love to read as well and can’t wait to read your reviews and get some recos! ~Mary

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