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Whip It


Yesterday was an off day for us (though not for everyone, I realize).  Around 9 a.m., we saw a preview for the new Drew Barrymore-directed movie, Whip It.  “Let’s go!” I said to Marc.  He agreed and we were able to get it together to attend the $6 pre-noon showing in Burlington.  Score! I didn’t […]

Happy March.  It’s absolutely lovely here, it was actually warm today and even a little sunny.  I’m sure it will last a whole 5 more hours, but it was lovely. 1.  Pho:  Yes, I love soup.  I have written several posts about my favorite food.  My favorite of the favorites is Vietnamese Pho.  The delicious, […]

I haven’t been feeling too hot for the past couple of days, and most especially today, and I’ve spent much of my day mulling over what, exactly, I’d recommend to you for February.  I have compiled a little list, so enjoy! 1.  New England Soup Factory Cookbook – If you know me, you know that […]

My favorite local Milwaukee website has a weekly feature called OMC Recommends.  Each week (or maybe once every two weeks) the editors at write recommendations for things–big and small, well-known or new to the scene–that they highly recommend and that you should try too.  I love reading what they suggest, especially since I learn […]