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Beer Bread


My dad made a huge feast for us at our Christmas celebration, including this amazing beer bread.  He just sent me the recipe in the mail, and it looked SUPER easy (and it was super good….) so I decided to make it. Neither Marc nor I are extraordinarily experienced in the ways of dough, particularly […]

MMMMMMMM. Fall means a lot of things to a lot of people.  To Marc and me, it means CROCK POT.  We brought out the ol’ Rival this afternoon and I whipped up some Chicken Casablanca.  It’s a Weight Watchers recipe, so it’s low-guilt, AND it has a lot of yummy veggies, about 5 or 6 […]

1.  I made a damn good dinner for Marc & Phil…a wee flax seed pita pizza with eggplant, garlic and onions (all roasted), fontina and tomato sauce.  So good, and my breath is probably kicking. 2.  I got a freakin awesome pedicure.  My toes look like they could be chocolate grapes.  I know that’s not […]

I love having Phil here.  I have a feeling that it has a lot to do with my need/desire to connect with something Wisconsin/Stritch/my former life (that sounds bad…like I am in the witness protection program).  Or maybe I like having another person in the house.  I don’t know.  But it’s been great in general. […]