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Baby blanket


I made this for a friend of a friend…she’s going to give it as a shower gift.  I’m super proud of it.  I haven’t made a baby blanket in a while!  Obviously, if you know anyone who might be interested in purchasing something like this, let me know!  🙂  (

I love having Phil here.  I have a feeling that it has a lot to do with my need/desire to connect with something Wisconsin/Stritch/my former life (that sounds bad…like I am in the witness protection program).  Or maybe I like having another person in the house.  I don’t know.  But it’s been great in general. […]

Twilight = Meh.


At the urging of four friends who I love dearly, I started the Twilight series.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Twilight series is a set of Young Adult (YA) books that are supposed to appeal to the post-Harry Potter crowd (I think).  They’re vampire books, but to quote ALL four of my […]

Ahhhhh, the three day weekend.  We have done so much driving this weekend.  We were in Providence Friday, Braintree (not too far) on Saturday, and Sunday, we hauled up to Maine.  Today, we stayed put, did some chores, made some soup, and caught up on our TiVo full of movies. We went to Portland yesterday, […]

Marc’s band, Coaster Thieves, played a show at Jerky’s in Providence last night.  As I haven’t seen them play since maybe January or February, I tagged along.  As always, they did an amazing job!  Unfortunately, the house wasn’t packed (more about that later…), but the show was really great.  The band’s singer (Mike) had some […]

Pretty poncho!


A couple weeks ago, I made a poncho for my friend Carrie’s daughter, Ally.  I was suuuuper worried that I made it too large, or that she wouldn’t like it.   I just sent it in the mail (along with a gift for Carrie, too!), and Ally got it yesterday.  Carrie said she loves it and […]

It’s only Tuesday night, but I feel like I have lived ten weeks already!  This week, I am co-facilitating a group at the Orchard Gardens Community Center in Boston.  So far, it’s been a great experience.  The girls are very giggly (we had to take a giggle break today, so they could get their laughter […]