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Can I just say, last night was particularly difficult for me, given my aversion to people crying on reality TV. Phil told me that everyone should be allowed one breakdown, but this episode got a little ridiculous. I felt most sorry for Korto, because it seemed like it was likely that she would be the one sent […]

The best thing about Wednesdays is that Marc and I sit down to watch PR. To make it even better, Phil has joined us (which I think is really sweet). So, the three of us hunkered down and watched this episode (which, I think was overall pretty mediocre…). 1. Jerrell is becoming more and more […]

1.  I made a damn good dinner for Marc & Phil…a wee flax seed pita pizza with eggplant, garlic and onions (all roasted), fontina and tomato sauce.  So good, and my breath is probably kicking. 2.  I got a freakin awesome pedicure.  My toes look like they could be chocolate grapes.  I know that’s not […]

I love having Phil here.  I have a feeling that it has a lot to do with my need/desire to connect with something Wisconsin/Stritch/my former life (that sounds bad…like I am in the witness protection program).  Or maybe I like having another person in the house.  I don’t know.  But it’s been great in general. […]

Marc’s band, Coaster Thieves, played a show at Jerky’s in Providence last night.  As I haven’t seen them play since maybe January or February, I tagged along.  As always, they did an amazing job!  Unfortunately, the house wasn’t packed (more about that later…), but the show was really great.  The band’s singer (Mike) had some […]

Proof positive


It’s Friday night…are you eating take-out?  Glad that the weekend is finally upon us that you can’t muster up the energy to cook anything?  Wellll friends, Marc has taken this opportunity to whip up a culinary delight.  Marinated and braised chicken, with mushrooms and onions, and zucchini and roasted chickpeas on the side.  I’m a […]