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I have been a registered voter since the day after I turned 18.  I have voted in every election, major or minor, I’ve donned the pins and buttons of my chosen candidate, I’ve followed polls and I’ve listened to what people have had to say.  And… in the past eight years (that is, the entire […]



This is the most vile thing I have ever seen.  Way to pimp out your son, Sarah Palin, for the vote/sympathy factor in PEOPLE magazine. Plus, could John McCain be any more uncomfortable?  Sick sick sick sick sick.

Si Se Puede


Marc and I have spent the four days glued to CNN, NBC Network News and the PBS coverage of the DNC.  I am feeling surged with a crazy patriotism that I haven’t felt in years.  Probably not since I was in 5th Grade and Sister Haroldine let us watch Clinton’s ’92 Inauguration in her classroom […]