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Dress battle


One of my oldest friends is getting married on May 24.  I am really looking forward to being there, but I also am really looking forward to being a stunner.  I’m proud of the 30-ish pounds that I lost and I want to look sexy, cool and confident.  I also had a Macy’s gift card […]

Once again


March has been a hard month.  Marc’s been OUT of town more often than he’s been in it.  The majority of his travel has been for work, but this last leg (from yesterday — Friday — until April 1, Wednesday), he is in California, visiting his mom.  I’m happy for him, to be able to […]

I found this great recipe on the Weight Watchers site, but tweaked it, to fit my love of tomatoes, and my great enjoyment of leftovers. (I made way more than 2 people need, but I will eat soup for every meal, easily.) You can make it on the stove or in the crockpot.  I put […]

Uh oh, Kenley


Uhhhm, looks like ol’ Kenley has gotten herself in a bit of trouble. You can read about her assault arrest (she assaulted her boyfriend with a her CAT, water, apples and her computer) all over the internet.  on the one hand, it makes me laugh because she’s such a loon, but on the other hand, […]

This post is for my dear husband. He’s in a band called Coaster Thieves, and they’ve JUST dropped their second CD, New Horizons (available on just a couple of websites at this time, but it will soon be made available). If you want to check them out/show your love, you can find them on Facebook […]

Okay, we just got back from Gargoyles.  It was a pretty good time….we did have some weird service, including a server who took our order and then left for the night and a mix-up with Marc’s appetizer.  But otherwise, the ambiance was nice and the food was generally pretty solid.  Now onto the battle…. (Marc […]

Marc and I love food.  If you know us, you know this.  Well, lucky for us, it’s Restaurant Week in Boston and the surrounding areas.  (Restaurants that participate set up a fixed-price menu, with a few options from their regular menu.  It’s three courses for about $33 per person).  We’ve got reservations at Gargoyles in […]