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I’ve been so quiet this week because I’ve been SOOO busy.  I was preparing the Annual Halloween Party for the Big Sister’s Community Based matches.  It’s really not my favorite part of my job (probably my least favorite part, actually) because I get so nervous and frustrated that things aren’t going to work out, but […]

car update


So….the actual physical car that we purchased yesterday was swapped out from under our car dealer.  Due to that suckiness, we were given the option to replace our actual car with a Honda Fit Sport..a nicer car.  Marc managed it so that we could get the nicer model for the same amount we were promised.  […]



After being without my own vehicle for almost 4 years of living in Boston, Marc and I bit the bullet and leased a Honda Fit this afternoon, for me.  As you may know, Marc has a car, but it is stick shift, and though we have tried to live with just one car, we both […]

Marc and I are watching an old episode of Murphy Brown where an enraged viewer tries to boycott Murphy’s program because they are doing a piece on premarital sex and the importance of condoms for teenagers. I can’t even believe that we’re still fighting about shit like this.  Oh, America.

Yes, yes, yes, we all knew it was true.   Leanne is officially the winner of Project Runway.  Are you shocked?  I’m pretty sure anyone who watched the first part of the season finale could have seen that Leanne’s perfectly constructed, beautifully moving wave garments would have guaranteed her the win.  The judging trifecta (plus Tim […]

Some new hats


Posted on!  Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing!

Cece’s visit!


Cece came for a visit this weekend and we went to Applecrest Orchards in Hampton Falls, NH.  It was crazy busy with families and babies and apple-pickers everywhere, but despite the chaos, it was also beautiful!  We picked 23 lbs. of apples, and Marc and I picked our pumpkins.  I haven’t ever been apple picking […]

Oh dear, Project Runway is almost over.  As I have mentioned before, I am pretty okay with this season winding to an end.  I’m not wild about too many people on this season and I don’t think that they are nearly as talented as the designers in the past and on top of that, I […]

Knitted scarf!


I knitted this scarf for Christie Kleinowski, to give as a gift this holiday season.  The pictures do not give the scarf it’s justice, as it has a great texture, like a basket weave pattern.  I can’t wait for her to see this.  I know she’ll be pleased!

MMMMMMMM. Fall means a lot of things to a lot of people.  To Marc and me, it means CROCK POT.  We brought out the ol’ Rival this afternoon and I whipped up some Chicken Casablanca.  It’s a Weight Watchers recipe, so it’s low-guilt, AND it has a lot of yummy veggies, about 5 or 6 […]